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World AIDS Day 2017

Today, MWB commemorates the 30th observance of World AIDS Day. Every year, millions remember those that have been lost to HIV and AIDS-related illness. It is estimated that 9000 people are currently living with HIV in Mississippi.

People living with HIV and AIDS continue to face stigma; they can also face challenges locating HIV/AIDS-related services and professionals.

Dialogue is such an important component to bolstering HIV/AIDS prevention and protection. Destigmatization is one of many ways we can get individuals and communities talking about these critical topics. Part of our partnership with the Mississippi State Department of Health has been to help destigmatize HIV/AIDS using modern, and sometimes humorous, messaging. There’s also an app to help find testing locations, get free condoms, and questionnaires to determine your risk.

We’re happy to report that as part of this initiative, there has been a ¬†33% reduction in Mississippians living with undiagnosed HIV since 2012.

We are proud of our partnership with MSDH and to be a part of destigmatize HIV/AIDS in Mississippi.

MWB encourages you to help end HIV stigma.

#EndTheStigma and #GetTested


Download the yourPSH app.

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