The Challenge

Despite Jackson’s status as the capitol of Mississippi, the city has not traditionally been a popular destination for Millennial generation travelers, the most sought after demographic for travel destinations – but also one of the hardest to reach.

The Solution

Our research guided us to the conclusion that Millennials seeking out authentic destinations would be more receptive to a content marketing approach than a traditional advertising campaign. To highlight unique and exciting experiences in Jackson, we created a fast-paced music video that highlighted 200 different locations in, around, and high above the city.

The “My City” video racked up more than 70,000 views during its first year alone. In recognition of its strategic creativity, the video was also honored as a finalist at the 2018 London-based City Nation Place Awards.

Views In First Year

City with Soul Docutainment

We produced a six-part “docutainment” series to highlight Jackson’s “City with Soul” branding and expand on the one-of-a-kind people, places, and events that make up the city.

Sales kits featuring auto-play video on mini LCD screens were sent to travel professionals.

This unique and memorable presentation helped Jackson stand out among other competing destinations.

This is our city, This is my city!

The campaign was refreshed in 2019 with a new video featuring “poetry slam” style narration and reflections on the city’s ongoing transformation, from a too-often overlooked Southern city to a vital urban destination.