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Tourism Re-Opening

Here is a list of projects from MWB’s recent work for various DMOs as part of the CARES-funded COVID-19 Tourism Recovery effort. All work for these campaigns was handled in-house by MWB over a period of approximately 90 days. Advance Travel and Tourism served as MWB’s digital media partner for each campaign.

At the conclusion of 2020, Mississippi was actually the top ranked state in terms of percentage of tourism visitation in the country. This was the first time Mississippi ever occupied the top spot.

Jackson, The City with Soul

We concepted four different video assets for the “City with Soul” campaign, each focusing on unique experiences to be had in the city that fall along with the city’s primary destination themes. Each marketing asset for this part of the campaign also featured original music and soundtrack commissioned by MWB. 

Tunica – Your Clean Getaway

We developed the concept “Your Clean Getaway” as a double meaning speaking to both health and safety measures being taken by casino partners, and as a way the target audience can “break out of a quarantine rut.” Spots featured hyper-realized situations related to quarantine and being home confined, and juxtaposed this with fun and exciting attributes offered in Tunica. 

Hattiesburg – Safely Open For You

For Visit Hattiesburg’s COVID-19 Recovery campaign, a concept was developed around the idea that Hattiesburg was now safe and “open.” Important Hattiesburg hospitality assets were featured in different areas of the city (e.g. music shops, restaurants, parks, bike paths, zoo, etc.) with round objects at different locations morphing into an animated “O” that then spelled out the word “Open” (for example, a record spinning at Tbone’s morphed into the “O”, the target at Alley Cats Axe Throwing morphed into the “O”, the wheel of a bicycle on Longleaf Trace, etc.). 

Enjoy Corinth Mississippi

For Corinth’s campaign, MWB took a “slice of life” approach to feature those small town amenities and hospitality assets that would appeal to travelers looking for a cozier, slower-paced trip. Small town festivals, quaint eateries, and of course outdoor attractions such as Pickwick Lake and Shilo National Park all helped to position Corinth as the perfect place for visitors to call their “headquarters” when exploring the surrounding area.

Cleveland – 50 Nights of Lights

When MWB was tapped to partner with Visit Cleveland for their COVID-19 Tourism Recovery efforts, it was determined the most effective course of action would be to focus on aligning decision drivers with target segments: Cleveland is perfect for younger couples and “girls trips” interested in quick getaways and long weekends. What motivates these trips? Eating, drinking, shopping, and localized entertainment; all aspects which are strongly represented in Cleveland. 

Grenada – Go Outdoors and Play

Taking a little different track than with some other DMO’s campaigns, MWB developed a character- driven, humorous campaign, positioning Grenada as the destination with “the most distance to social distance.” The “hero” of the campaign is a lovable and friendly park ranger who makes it his mission to help visitors “unplug” and enjoy the outdoors. The town actually debuted the video at their annual Holiday Open House event in November. 

Vicksburg – The Key to the South

MWB developed a two-pronged campaign approach for Visit Vicksburg. First, MWB played off the organization’s established “Key to the South” brand positioning to produce a series of video assets focusing on Vicksburg’s hospitality assets that aligned well with COVID-19-0related travel trends and concerns. Rather than focusing exclusively on attractions and assets themselves, our strategy was to convey activity and lifestyle segments enjoying these applicable assets. The branded video assets focused on positioning Vicksburg as a great place for a “couples getaway” (dining, bed and breakfasts, etc.), outdoor activities (on-river, cycling, walking trails, dog-friendly locations, etc), and nightlife (dining, craft beer, sports book, etc.).