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December 21st, 2018

MWB 411 • December 2018

Season’s Greetings to all. This is our final MWB 411 alert of 2018. We hope that the holidays find you very merry, indeed. To everyone that we’ve worked for, with, and by this year, the MWB crew wishes you the absolute best for 2019 and beyond. Now, on with the 411…

Introducing MWB AMPLIFY

We’ve über-excited to announce a new service fully rolling out in 2019: MWB AMPLIFY. It’s a local influencer marketing service developed an managed by MWB with the objective of utilizing the power of social media and the reach of notable local influencers to help raise awareness of brands, services, and organizations. MWB has partnered with several dozen central Mississippi high-profile social media personalities who can maximize the positive visibility of brands and products in the 601 area code.

“Our influencers specialize in a number of interest areas including dining, fitness, interior design, fashion, lifestyle, nutrition, luxury brands, and more,” said MWB president Tim Mask. “We believe this service will be of particular benefit to more localized brands and services who don’t typically invest in the traditional services offered by advertising agencies.”

MWB Amplify matches brands with influencers whose interests are aligned with those of the brand’s audience, delivering authentic content across the influencer’s multiple social media platforms. It is a powerful new marketing trend, localized. If you’re interested in tapping into the power of MWB Amplify, contact us for a more detailed review of our services.

Check out some recent work…

We recently completed and launched a new website for Madison-based global aerospace services company Vertex Aerospace. Vertex Aerospace is a global single-stop solution for aftermarket aerospace services for both government and private sector clients. The company maintains over 100 locations and thousands of employees across the globe. In addition to the new website, MWB is also producing a series of corporate videos for Vertex. Click below to visit their new site.



We recently visited the Meridian-based manufacturing facility of GRASSBuilt, a sustainable building materials company focusing on end products and building supply material sourced from North American bamboo. Tapping into the sustainable building and LEED architecture markets, GRASSBuilt is on the leading edge of creating a vibrant, domestic bamboo economy. MWB’s chief photographer/videographer captured the facility in action, along with some great shots of their finished products. We’re looking forward to helping GRASSBuilt realize their role as the leading, rapidly-renewable building materials source for 21st century sustainable architecture.


In 2018 we helped Visit Jackson, the destination marketing organization for Mississippi’s capital city, fully implement a new strategic marketing strategy. The branding campaign focused on impacting Millennial travelers, now the nation’s largest generational group and biggest leisure tourism spenders. The effort incorporated travel decision drivers that are especially important to key Millennial sub-groups – foodies, career women, crafters, artisans, and lovers of indie music – and presented the brand in a manner especially friendly toward social platforms. The branded campaign is also supported by longer format content, including a “docutainment” series, original music video, the culinary-focused web show “Chefs with Soul,” and the entertainment program “Soul of the City.” Check out what it means to experience the City with Soul at JXN.ms.


We’re proud to help these partner clients stoke their creative fires!

What’s new with the family?

MWB Operations Manager Erica RobinsonAccount Executive Erica Robinson recently completed an Advanced Grant Proposal Writing course courtesy of Mississippi State University. Erica is now a certified grant writer, and looks forward to putting this new skill set to work for partner clients and organizations under MWB’s CreateForGood initiative. If you’re interested in seeking grant funding for any of your projects, please feel free to reach out to us. To stay informed about grant opportunities, please follow @growMWB on Twitter.

As mentioned last newsletter, MWB Senior Account Executive Ray Harris has obtained her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. We’re bringing it up again because Ray actually walked in the graduation ceremony this month…so it’s official!  Ray is an invaluable MWB talent who is active in strategic planning project management for MWB partner clients including Visit Jackson, HOPE, the Mississippi State Department of Health, Vision First Advisors, and the Mississippi Emergency Management Association. Props, Ray.

And the graduations keep coming. MWB president Tim Mask is now an alumni of Leadership
Mississippi, the second oldest statewide leadership program in the United States. Leadership Mississippi is a program administered by the Mississippi Economic Council. During the 2018 class, attendees visited Jackson, Tunica, the Gulf Coast, Columbus, and Oxford. For more information on the program, visit the MEC website.

MWB VP of PR Jana Bell has relaunched her legendary “Landmass” campaign on Instagram. If you don’t know the story, following the Weather Channel’s faux pas in 2006 referring to the Mississippi Gulf Coast as “the landmass” between Louisiana and Alabama. Jana’s Facebook campaign sold Landmass-related merch, raising several thousand dollars for the Salvation Army of Gulfport. Jana hopes to re-invigorate the Landmass Movement by re-starting the irreverent discussion of all things Mississippi Gulf Coast on Instagram. Check it out @thelandmass.

Classy. Classic.

To kick off the Holiday Season, we’ve launched the #MWBClassicCovers series. Our MWB talent re-creates classic vintage vinyl album covers from years past. In our initial outing, Tim MaskRay Harris, and Linzy Gressett pull off icon impressions of Lou Reed, Diana Ross, and Frank Sinatra, respectively. Stay tuned through 2019 as we roll through out talent pool paying tribute to the great crooners of the 20th century. (Sneak peak – vintage Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan are on deck…)








Marketing, with IMPACT: Flashback Edition

We like to highlight projects that align with our company’s CreateForGood mantra. Here’s a great case study from our recent past that demonstrates how creativity can lead to positive impact:

Rise Up Mississippi: College Access
From 2005 – 2016, MWB developed and managed a college access outreach initiative for partner client the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. MWB developed a brand, Rise Up! Mississippi, and a sophisticated web portal that featured a number of interactive tools, including the first ever web-based state-specific database-driven scholarship finder. In addition to television and web advertising, MWB developed a reality-TV style multi-year web series called College Discovered, designed to give aspiring college students a view to what college is actually like, from the students’ point of view.

College Discovered was birthed from the realization that incoming college students had a totally different set of questions and preconceptions that had nothing to do with admissions and financial aid. They were curious about what, exactly, to expect from a college experience. We cast a group of incoming college students, each with a unique backstory, who were each going into different college situations. Some were transferring from community college. Others were traditional freshmen. Some came from challenging economic conditions. Others had been the BMOC in high school and were now facing an environment in which they were essentially another face in the crowd.

There’s really one key result that reflects the success of the Rise Up Mississippi initiative. In the original grant proposal, the main evaluation metric used to measure the campaign was how many individuals actually used the Rise Up Mississippi website. Upon the conclusion of funding for the effort, registered users for the web portal topped 212,000 individuals, far exceeding the original goal.

Click here to see more College Discovered


Walking the Walk

At MWB, we invest our own resources into powering initiatives that reflect our CreateForGood mantra. Here’s an update on some related projects.

Kids Code Mississippi

Randy Lynn, MWB partner, creative director, and co-founder of Kids Code Mississippi, was the subject of an interview for The MagPi, the UK-based magazine published by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The article focused on efforts to promote and implement coding and computer science training for students and teachers across the state. Click the spread below to read the piece.


Tangents: These are Things worth checking out.

The Mississippi Light Collaborative is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) oriented organization that was responsible for the first ever Mississippi Light Festival in 2017. Since that time, the organization has launched a STEAM lab, an education program, and has been planning the next light festival for 2020.

The organization is also raising funds to help bring opportunities in programming, STEAM exhibitions, and enhancements in the STEAM Lab to benefit the creative youth of Mississippi’s capital city. If you’re interested in helping, please consider donating a little to this worthy cause. Click the image below to learn more.


From Around The Web: Our Obsessions

Education. Apparently, there’s something to this “good night’s sleep” thing. Also, teenagers might not actually be THAT lazy. A Seattle school district has experimented with starting its school day just a half hour later, and the results have been extremely encouraging. Test scores are up, absences are down, and students report feeling less stressed. Read more about it here, and follow us on Twitter at @MWB_ed.

Public Health. A new study released by the National Institutes of Health indicates that over exposure of screen time for kids may be even more mentally harmful that we all supposed. Check out results from the research here,  and follow @mwb_pubhealth.

Sports. Extreme Sports athlete (emphasis on “extreme”) Ross Edgley recently became the first person to ever swim AROUND the island of Britain. That’s 1,780 miles of non-stop water. It took him over five months, swimming up to 12 hours a day, and never touching dry land. Upon finishing the feat, his tongue was partially dissolved due to prolonged exposure to salt water, and he had to re-learn to walk. Take THAT, Aquaman.  Read more about Edgely’s crazy impressive feat here, and connect with us @MWB_sports.

Space. Awesome story. In March 2019 South Africa will launch the continent’s very first private satellite. The best part? It was designed by teenage school girls who were participating in a STEM bootcamp. Learn more here, and join us over at @MWB_cosmos.

See you next month, er, year!

MWB is an idea + creative content  company that focuses on creating positive impact in helping partners maximize their brands.


October 26th, 2018

MWB411 • October 2018


MWB is excited to be working with four new partner clients: Vertex Aerospace, Vision First Advisors, GRASSBuilt, and the Millsaps College Executive Leadership Program.

Vertex Aerospace is a global single-stop solution for aftermarket aerospace services for both government and private sector clients. Headquartered in Madison, Mississippi, Vertex has over 100 locations and thousands of employees across the globe.

Vision First Advisors is a leading economic development consulting firm offering world-class services to both business and governments, focusing on the greater Southeast U.S. Vision First has offices in Tallahassee and Orlando, Florida and Ridgeland, Mississippi. MWB will be providing marketing services for Vision First’s clients.

GRASSBuilt is a sustainable building materials company focusing on end products and building supply material sourced from North American bamboo. Tapping into the sustainable building and LEED architecture markets, GRASSBuilt is on the leading edge of creating a vibrant, domestic bamboo economy. GRASSBuilt’s manufacturing facility is located in Meridian, Mississippi.

Millsap’s Executive Leadership Program focuses on non-degree executive education, with programs tailored to various levels of business experience. Millsaps is a private college in Jackson, Mississippi, and is consistently named on of the “Best Values” in higher education in the country.

We are excited to help our new partner clients build their creative fires!

Joining the Family

We’re excited to announce two new additions to our creative family.

Damien Blaylock is an accomplished film and documentary maker. Damien joins MWB as the agency’s chief Photographer/Videographer. Staying true to our logo, Damien was immediately immersed in the creative fire! His first two weeks at MWB he managed video shoots for Vertex Aerospace, Entergy Nuclear, Millsaps Executive Education program, and the Sanderson Farms Championship PGA event. Jump right in!

Parker Brewer is a designer coming to MWB via New Orleans. Parker is a talented illustrator with extensive experience in lifestyle brand design. She’s already knocked a project for Visit Jackson out of the park!

Changes in the Family

We’re happy to report two role changes in our MWB talent pool.

MWB Operations Manager Erica Robinson

Erica Robinson, who had been serving as MWB’s operations manager, has been promoted to Account Executive. Her primary roles will be in project supervision for MWB partner client Entergy Nuclear, and business development.

MWB new hire Josh Byrd
Josh Byrd, who had been serving as a designer, has been promoted to MWB’s Senior Content Editor. His primary roles will be video motion graphics development, and videography support.

Congratulations in the Family

A big congratulations to MWB Senior Account Executive Ray Harris for obtaining her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. Ray is an invaluable MWB talent who is active in strategic planningd project management for MWB partner clients including Visit Jackson, HOPE, the Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Mississippi Emergency Management Association.

We celebrated Ray becoming the “most educated” person at MWB with caramel cake…because NOTHING says leadership quite like caramel cake.

Marketing, with IMPACT

We like to highlight projects that we help develop which align with our company’s CreateForGood mantra. Here are a couple that demonstrate how creativity can lead to positive impact:

Condoms & Comedy: HIV Awareness

HIV isn’t a death sentence anymore, but you MUST get into and remain in a treatment program to live an active, productive life. The issue also hovers around many taboo topics not easily addressable by traditional advertising. With the aid of rising comedian Rita Brent, we helped produce a humor-based HIV awareness campaign that tackled the hyper-sensitive issue. The stand-up comedy promotion received over 120,000 views from within Mississippi, and logged an average watch time of (amazingly) over 18 minutes per viewing.  Overall, MWB’s HIV awareness building projects have been part of a successful public health advocacy effort that has helped decrease the number of people living with undiagnosed HIV in the state by 33% since 2012.

Check out the HIV awareness projects here.

WARNING: Some material is NSFW.

City with Soul
We helped Jackson, Mississippi revitalize its brand and make an impact with millennial travelers. Through a unique blend of entertainment-based content, a social-centric branding effort, and pop-culture focused marketing approach, our outreach effort for Visit Jackson has received International acclaim, with the “My City” original song and music video being honored at the London-based International City/Nation/Place awards. Special shout out to creative collaborators AJC & the Envelope Pushers and SpotOn Productions for help with that awesome project. You can see many of the newly-branded Visit Jackson projects we’ve helped produce at JXN.ms.

Highlighted Partner Client

The 2018 Sanderson Farms Championship is being played October 25 – 28, and will be televised on the Golf Network.

This month we’d like to give a special shout out to our partner client, Century Club Charities! Since 1994, they have been the host organization for the Mississippi PGA TOUR event, The Sanderson Farms Championship, raising over $13 million for Mississippi charities. The 2018 Sanderson Farms Championship PGA tournament is in full swing! Held annually at the Jackson Country Club, the tournament raised over $4 million over the past four years for Friends of Children’s Hospital, a charity benefiting the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Additionally, the event brings over $26 million of economic activity each year to the Jackson metro area.

The 2018 Sanderson Farms Championship is being played October 25 – 28, and will be televised on the Golf Network.

Walking the Walk

At MWB, we invest our own resources into powering initiatives that reflect our CreateForGood mantra. Here’s an update on two of our favorite MWB-powered CreateForGood projects.


Spark-O-Matic kicked off it’s robotics education in a big way with two engineering volunteers, Susan and Nathan Hancock from Raytheon, who are leading the students in work study ideas for designing the robot to face this year’s FIRST Tech Challenge.

Spark-o-Matic also received two technology grants: One from Entergy Mississippi and one from Thebeanpath.org, an amazing new non-profit that helps cultivate tech-savvy-ness and startup thinking for all ages. With the grant money, Spark-o-Matic is procuring technology so the kids can delve further into robotics, digital illustration, and video production.

Finally, the students will soon be immersed in a video project with Cindy Ayers-Elliot of Footprint Farms, creating mini-docs of various farming aspects. (Getting digitally back to the earth!) And soon, we’ll find out if the short film they did highlighting the amazing Sister Thea Bowman is a finalist in the upcoming Crossroads Film Fest.

Spark-o-Matic is a program powered by MWB which helps underserved young people in Jackson, Mississippi find their voice and become leaders through active roles in our increasingly digitized world through collaborative digital projects. The program addresses aspects of digital video production, podcasting, animation, and robotics. For more information, contact Marc Leffler.

Kids Code Mississippi

We have continued our work to advance K-12 computer science education in our state through Kids Code Mississippi, an initiative founded by MWB Creative Director, Randy Lynn, and President, Tim Mask. Randy has worked closely with teams at the Mississippi State University Research and Curriculum Unit to guide the launch and implementation of CS4MS, a K-12 computer science pilot program that has reached over 30,000 students to date.

In July, Randy attended the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Atlanta Picademy and is planning to use his training there to develop coding and “digital making” opportunities in Mississippi that incorporate the Foundation’s low-cost single board computers. Earlier this month, Randy participated in the 2018 Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) Conference in Detroit. He will be serving on Mississippi’s ECEP board to develop a 15-year strategic plan for bringing computer science education to every school in Mississippi by 2024.

Kids Code Mississippi is an advocacy and program development initiative dedicated to exposing Mississippi youth to the opportunities associated with computer science education. 


TEDxJackson is coming back, January 24, 2019. The theme is “The Next 200.” If you have an “idea worth spreading” and would like to be considered for a TEDxJackson talk, visit and click on “speak.”

On September 27, MWB Account Executive Erica Robinson was a guest speaker via Facebook Live, joining Dr. Vera Tarman, author of Food Junkies. The topic was strategies to get away from sugar addiction, which afflicts millions of people and can be highly detrimental to health.

Shout out to funny lady, uber-rising star, and MWB creative collaborator Rita Brent. Rita finished first runner-up this summer at the prestigious Wings of Comedy competition at the Black Film Festival in Miami. AND, airing November 1 on TruTV, Rita’s classic “S*** Shoes” routine comes to life, as she’s featured on LaffMob. Enjoy!

The Mississippi Coding Academies have been a raging success. With students enrolled in the program’s Jackson and Columbus locations, the academies are developing job-ready coders with an 11-month course. This is a huge win for the innovation ecosystem of Mississippi. Learn more!

From Around The Web: Our Obsessions

Education. Computer Science for all! Many programs are focusing on computer science education for high school or post-high school students. A new concept middle school in Washington D.C. is democratizing computer science and helping to bridge the digital gap by focusing on digital inclusivity along socio-economic lines. Read the full article and follow us on Twitter at @MWB_ed.   

Public Health. New research seems to indicate that the same virus that causes cold sores may create lasting brain damage, potentially leading to Alzheimer’s or dementia. This discovery could hold major ramifications for treatment and prevention. Catch the buzz and stay connected via Twitter @mwb_pubhealth

Sports. The Boston Globe has produced an excellent and in depth series on the Aaron Hernandez tragedy called Gladiator. See what roles upbringing, environment, repression, and possibly CTE ayed in the horrible chain of events that affected so many of those around the one-time NFL star. Get the series and connect with us @MWB_sports

WARNING: Some of it may be NSFW.

Space. ispace, a Japanese lunar exploration company, is partnering with SpaceX to send a pair of automated rovers to the lunar surface by 2021. This would represent the first documented private-sector presence on the Moon in our history. Check it out and join us over at @MWB_cosmos


See you next month.

MWB is an idea + creative content  company that focuses on creating positive impact in helping partners  maximize their brands.