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August 19th, 2016

A special #MWBeer30



Please join us for a very special #MWBeer30 on Friday, 8/26 4-6PM. This event is being co-sponsored by and held at Coalesce on State Street in Downtown Jackson.

Our guest speakers will be Darko and Catherine Sarenac to talk about Jackson’s first Maker’s Space taking root at Brown Elementary.


On another note, we are taking the opportunity for this #MWBeer30 to also stage a fundraiser for families recently effected by the disastrous floods in the Baton Rouge area. They are our close neighbors, and many of us have friends and family from the area.

Only 15% of the people who suffered catastrophic damage to their homes and businesses had flood insurance. It was an incredible event that no one saw coming.

We ask (not required, of course) that you make a donation at this #MWBeer30 event, of which 100% will go directly to families who lost their homes and were not insured. We would prefer donations in the form of Lowes, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart gift cards.

We will of course have lots of great craft beer. on hand for sampling, and in the spirit of our fundraiser homemade Jambalaya (while it lasts).

Please join us at Coalesce for this special #MWBeer30.  Friday, 8/26 4 Р6 PM at Coalesce.

June 13th, 2016

Modern MS #MWBeer30

Friday, June 17th at MWB’s World Headquaters, we’re hosting the next #MWBeer30.


anikOur guest speaker is Anik Kurkjian, Director of the Mapping a Modern Mississippi campaign via the Mississippi Museum of Art.

Anik will discuss the groundbreaking project and share some of the most memorable encounters from traveling Mississippi, collecting stories from amazing, innovative, and creative people who define what it means to be a modern Mississippians. Oh, and if you didn’t know, Anik is a native of England. If for no other reason, please come for the pleasant British accent!



We also have an update on MWB’s Fast Forward Mississippi special coding project, Kids Code Mississippi. In partnership with Springboard to Opportunities, Kids Code MS landed a Google RISE Award which has allowed to implement a “Cyber Summer” multi-week workshop series for children in Springboard’s multi-family housing footprint. We’ll review the Kids Code MS two-generational hackathons also being staged this summer.

And in another special presentation, MWB creative director and co-brewmeister Marc Leffler will talk about his “Spark-o-Creativity” program soon to be implemented via the library system in Jackson.

Oh… and plenty of great craft beer for the sampling.

Friday, June 17th, 2016. #MWBeer30.


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April 26th, 2016

Who says beer helps you forget? Another #MWBeer30 begs to differ!

Friday, April 29th at the Global HQ and Brewhouse of Maris, West & Baker, we’re hosting the next #MWBeer30



Alex MullenOur special speaker is UMMC medical student Alex Mullen, a Mississippian who just happens to be the 2015 world memory champion. Alex is not only reigning World Memory Champion but also the current Guinness World Record holder for the most digits memorized in one hour – 3,029.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to¬†hear Mullen discuss¬†his journey to¬†the world championship. He’ll describe how the same techniques that he used to improve his memory can be applied to business and everyday life. And he’ll tell us a little about his new venture, Mullen Memory, too.


Q) How long does it take Alex to memorize the order of a deck of cards?

A) 17 seconds. Fo realz.

That’s way better than pulling a rabbit from a hat.

…and speaking of rabbits (kinda)


MWB Brewmeisters Randy Lynn and Marc Leffler will be debuting our very first MWBeer30 craft brew – Hare of the Bear (with explanatory story behind the name). It’s a red ale and will be available for sampling along with other craft beer from across Mississippi (courtesy of LD’s Beer Run).


We’ll have a brief explanation of the new That’s my JXN #myJXN outreach effort. If you’re interested in showcasing the culture, diversity, and creativity of Mississippi’s capital city you won’t want to miss this. (We might even talk you into being a #myJXN ambassador!)


Friday, April 29, 2016. #MWBeer30… and don’t even think about using the excuse “I forgot.”



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February 18th, 2016

Guess what’s back…


…ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy hoy hoy hoy!

UpInFarmsAfter a football-induced hiatus, #MWBeer30 is back! On Friday, 2/26 at 3:30(ish) our inaugural gathering of 2016 brings together two of things that make the creative economy hum: Good craft beer, and locally sourced cuisine. Our very special guests are uber-famous Jacksonians Terry Sullivan, Jeff Good, David Watkins, Jr., and Nick Wallace. They will be discussing the concept and mission behind Up In Farms food hub. What’s that, you might ask? How about a little back story:

In 2014 a small group of entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, and chefs came together to create Soul City Hospitality. Soul City’s mission is to develop and support businesses that lead to Mississippi having a resilient and sustainable local food system‚Äîone that contributes to the health and wealth of all Mississippians.
The first business to emerge from the Soul City partnership is the Up in Farms Food Hub.  The hub is located in an historic produce distribution building at the site of the former Farmers Market on Woodrow Wilson Blvd in Jackson. Up in Farms will coordinate production schedules with farmers based upon the demand by regional buyers, such as grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and commercial distributors.
The hub will provide its producers with the support and training necessary to deliver a high-quality product on time and at a sustainable price. Additionally, the hub will physically aggregate produce directly from farmers across Mississippi to its warehouse in Jackson. The warehouse is designed to wash, grade, pack, cool, and store fresh produce‚Äîactivities that are prohibitively expensive for many individual farms.¬† Up in Farms will help Mississippi’s small- and medium-sized farms meet the standards of commercial buyers, plan and operate profitable businesses, and satisfy emerging federal and state standards for food safety and security.‚Äã

And there’s free craft beer…

So please make plans to join us as Terry, et. al, as we hear about this great addition the to creative economy of Jackson and Mississippi.

We will also have a few exciting announcements related to the Kids Code Mississippi project, and make the official award for the MWB Cosmos “Name Planet 9” contest that we sponsored last month (NOTE: winner must be present to claim prize… you know who you are…).

And there’s free craft beer…

Friday, February 26, 3:30ish at the Maris, West & Baker global headquarters. It’s good to be back. #MWBeer30.

August 24th, 2015


After taking a hiatus in July, MWBeer30 is back on Friday, August  28th with a very special gathering.

Terrell Knight, VP Government Sales & Economic Development with C Spire, will give a stirring presentation of how C Spire (then Cellular South), ultimately overcame the telecommunications challenges posed by the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

And as a special treat, MWB’s own Jana Bell (the Landmass Queen) will say a few words about her social media phenomenon that grew from a few ill-placed words via the Weather Channel.

As always, we’ll have lots of great Mississippi Craft Beer on-hand for sampling. Join us at MWB’s Global HQ, 8/28, 3:30-ish. We look forward to seeing you there.

May 13th, 2015

Childhood Music Education, State of MS Craft Beer, & a Brewery with a Coast Flavor #MWBeer30

Just another MWBeer30 event…

Possibly our biggest #MWBeer30 event yet. Friday, May 15th we have a lineup of three highly creative/innovative individuals. In recognition of American Craft Beer Week, Jackson attorney Matthew “The Craft Beer Lawyer” Mclaughlin will give a “state of the state” of the craft beer industry and related legislation in Mississippi. Local legend Patrick Harkins of Fondren Guitars will also be on-hand to discuss his programs regarding youth and music education. And all the way from the great Mississippi Gulf Coast courtesy of our friends from Southern Beverage, Chandeleur Brewing will give a brief overview of their company and real-world experience of starting a craft beer brand in Mississippi.

Oh, and we’ll have a keg (that’s right) of Chandeleur for sampling.

5/15/15. 3:30-ish at the MWB Global Headquarters. Be here, be ready for creativity + innovation, and come thirsty.



MatthewMcPatrick Harkins of Fondren guitars

May 12th, 2015

MWB Creative Fire Podcast w/ Kids Code, MWBeer30, and Camgian CEO Dr. Gary Butler

This edition of the MWB Creative Fire podcast originally posted 5/7/15. It’s the first of our revamped podcast recorded in the brand MWB Creative Fire Studios. Enjoy!

April 21st, 2015

80/20, Pecha Kucha, Play-Doh, and purple hair.

At the risk of the MWB Blog looking increasingly like a tavern, I feel compelled to write a postmortem on our latest #MWBeer30 event. Jon Fisher, Donnie Brimm, and Bethany Cooper from Oxford-based FNC gave a great talk reviewing many of the practices and protocols their company has put in place designed to stir innovation and creativity. I think attendees of this event (4/17) will agree that it really was inspiring to hear a Silicon Valley-esque approach to innovation being undertaken by a company who is committed to being headquartered in Mississippi.

Like I’ve said a million times before, Silicon Valley was an apple orchard 60 years ago. There’s no reason we can’t turn the Delta, red clay hills, pine woods, gulf coast, and mini-Appalachian landscapes that are Mississippi into something at least equally as impressive. And I don’t want to gloss over the fact that FNC – like so many other thriving entities – is committed to a robust corporate headquarters in our state. The company counts the majority of the top 20 banks in the U.S. as clients utilizing their applications. They are rapidly expanding operations into Brazil and Canada. I have a feeling new products are in the offing. FNC basically invented a category and is the market leader. Not bad for Oxford, Mississippi. Heck, that wouldn’t be bad for Oxford, England.

But back to the main point, the latest #MWBeer30. We had a great crowd attend representing Innovate Mississippi, the Mississippi Development Authority, the Clarion Ledger, EatShopPlayLiveJXN, C Spire, and various other highly innovative individuals. After a brief announcement about TEDxJackson 2015 (coming 11.12.15) and watching the newest Star Wars Trailer (yes, it looks uber cool) the folks from FNC took the floor. Here’s what we learned from their 6 minute 40 second presentation:

1. A 6-minute, 40-second, 20 slide presentation is called “Pecha Kucha.”


Here’s Jon Fisher from FNC getting into their talk. Many of you may be familiar with the “Pecha Kucha” approach. I was not. This is a presentation that consists of a total of 20 slides and each slide lasts no more than 20 seconds. Jon’s pictured here taking us “through the wormhole” that is FNC’s innovation process. The story I was told was that #MWBeer30 was the first time these guys had used Pecha Kucha in a talk… and they didn’t practice, either. They really had it down seamlessly, so I don’t know that I necessarily believe that “we didn’t do a run-through” story. Either way, they nailed it. This was a highly effective and engaging way to present information, so three cheers on the style points!

2. Play-Doh isn’t just for kids anymore.

MWBeer30_Bethany MWBeer30_Bethany2















Bethany Cooper of FNC talked specifically about some of the (dare I use the phrase) out-of-the-box exercises that the company utilizes to get the creative juices flowing. These include actual Play-Doh planning sessions. Don’t be skeptical. There’s a reason four-year-olds think they can do anything.

Other hyper-cool practices FNC has implemented include developing and maintaining their own internal Innovation Team, an annual all-night hackathon called The Forge (props to Jon Fisher for having a product from The Forge now in development), and their implementation of the “80/20” work principle. The latter of these, being a concept pioneered by 3M and really made famous by Google, roughly states that an employee has the freedom to spend 20% of their time working on pet projects they believe will contribute to a company’s mission, outside of “sanctioned” job functions.

3. People will show up and talk… for beer… (and for other reasons, too).

Many, many apologies to FNC, but I didn’t learn until they pulled into our world headquarters about 2:45 p.m. that they had actually missed out on the annual FNC crawfish boil to some speak to the attendees of #MWBeer30. I hate the thought of making someone miss their own event like that, but I will also say that we’re not BYOB. We had great craft beer (much of it brewed here in the great state of Mississippi) on hand for sampling. There are so many innovative people in Jackson and across Mississippi that we feel honored to provide a forum to evangelize the growing nature of our state’s knowledge economy, the great creative assets that we possess, and the how companies, organizations, and individuals are really fostering a culture of innovation.



Tasha Bibb (top) and Lynlee Honea (bottom) were among a contingent from Innovate Mississippi who attended #MWBeer30. Innovate Mississippi is a great organization who are champions of innovation culture and entrpreneurialism across our state. Always very glad to see these folks in attendance.

4. Mississippians are engaged and ready to support our knowledge-based companies. 

Plain and simple, we (Mississippians) get a bad rap. “We’re a backwater…” “we really can read and write…” “thank goodness for Arkansas…”.¬† Well we say phooey on all that nonsense. And apologies to our friends from the Travelers State, no disrespect intended. I’m just trying to convey the point here that we’re poised and ready to springboard into a prominent place in the 21st century.


Here’s Donnie Brimm from FNC talking. Donnie and the rest of the FNC crew got peppered with questions after their 6 minutes and 40 seconds were done. And I don’t mean peppered in a “Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes GOTCHA” kind of way. The people at #MWBeer30 were genuinely curious and supportive of¬† great knowledge-based business like FNC and wanted to know more about the industry, the development aspect, and especially what kind of stumbling blocks had the company encountered in implementing a real culture of innovation.

They say that an indicator of creativity and intelligence is the ability to ask great questions. That being said, we certainly had a highly creative and intelligent group of people who attend #MWBeer30. Being a connoisseur of great craft beer is simply a plus. By the way, our craft beer is courtesy of the great guys at LD’s Beer Run, serving a huge selection of local, regional, and national craft brands. Stop by and see them if you’re ever in the neighborhood.



5. Star Wars The Force Awakens looks super cool.


One of the warm-up acts for FNC’s presentation was screening of the new trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. To quote Mississippi icon Marshall Ramsey, “I watched it at least a dozen times and I felt my heart swell when Han said, “Chewie, we’re home.” To quote MWB VP Keith Fraser, “OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod.” Yes, it certainly sends chills throughout your spine. The folks gathering at MWB world heaquarters gave a standing ovation after the trailer. Well, technically they were already standing, but I feel certain if they could have levitated, they would have.

6. It’s ok to hire people with purple hair.

This was actually a happy little coincidence of parallelism. A couple of years ago FNC CEO Bill Rayburn was giving the luncheon keynote talk at Innovate Mississippi’s annual luncheon. During his impassioned delivery (those of you who have ever heard Mr. Rayburn give a talk know exactly what I’m talking about), he made the statement – I’m paraphrasing here – that in the new economy we have to get over not hiring people because of things like tattoos and purple hair and instead be meritorious in our approach. Basically, hire the most creative, innovative, and driven person for the job at hand.


Well MWB new hire Erica Robinson just happened to show up at her first #MWBeer30 sporting a rather glamorous “Friday wig,” as she calls it. Everybody loved it. She’s a great addition to our creative staff and innovative culture and certainly the embodiment of how not to let individualism and self expression be an impediment to raising your organization’s intellectual talent. Can’t wait to see this Friday’s colour-de-jour.

In fact, one of the best TEDx talks I’ve heard was given by purple-haired Heather Crawford at the TEDxAntioch event I also spoke at in 2014. Check out Heather’s talk here, titled “You really ARE what you eat.”

Correction, 1:37 P.M. Also do not be afraid to hire people who’s names are spelled in unconventional ways. I just realized her name is actually “Hether Crawford.” Our apologies, Hether.


So anyway, a great time at April’s #MWBeer30. Again, many many thanks to FNC for sending down some of their most impressive folks to give a great 6-minute, 40-second presentation. We’re already working on the agenda for #MWBeer30 in May, so if you want to keep up with this and other #MWBeer30 events, please opt into our MWB Tap special alter system. Cheers!


Ray Harris (MWB), Tasha Bibb & Lynlee Honea (Innovate Mississippi), various unidentifiable pairs legs.

All photography via MWB’s Tate Nations.

April 14th, 2015

MWBeer30 with FNC

We have a great #MWBeer30 lined up for April. The good folks from FNC in Oxford are stopping by the MWB World Headquarters to give a talk about innovation drivers they have incorporated into their company. If you’re interested in the 80/20 model, intern innovation, hackathons, or various other creative strategies for building a corporate culture of innovation, please join us 4/17 at 3:30-ish.

Oh, and as always, there will be a great selection of Mississippi craft beer on hand for sampling.

See you then!

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February 17th, 2015

The healthcare economy in Mississippi: MWB Craft Beer Friday 2/27


UPDATE 2/25/15:¬† Unfortunately craft beer legal expert Matthew McLaughlin has a conflict and will have to make a speaking appearance at MWBeer30 later this year. However, Butler Snow counsel and former gubernatorial policy advisor Tray Hairston will be on-hand to give a brief talk about the exciting things happening in healthcare in Mississippi, and the concept of healthcare as an economic driver.¬† Join us at 3:30-ish, Friday, February 27th at MWB’s world headquarters for a great line up of Mississippi craft beer, innovative discussions, and some Mississippi iconic-in-the-making photos taken by MWB Producer of Multimedia Tate Nations.

Great Mississippi from the folks at LD’s Beer Run will be available for sampling.

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