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MWB Not-Too-White Papers

MWB periodically publishes a series of “Not-Too-White Papers” on various topics including innovation, creativity, futurism, media, public health, commercialization of space, economic development, the business of sports, etc. So yeah, they really run the gamut. Our not-too-white papers are written to be informative, but also in a manner that can make sometimes dense subject matter a bit more entertaining. See below for papers on these various topics.


Public Health Communications Strategies and Best Practices


Public health is important. Critical. A healthy population and environment provides the foundation of societal productivity, progress, community well-being, and so many other aspects that we strive to achieve in our human condition. To practitioners and advocates of public health policies, this fact is clearly evident and indisputable. Sadly, many other people, particularly those in positions of leadership, have a misunderstanding of the role public health policies play in our lives. At best, public health work is considered a necessary investment “for poor people.” At worst public health is perceived as an unneeded expense to be defunded when lean times hit. In order to reinforce the importance of public health work, and optimize the outcomes of public health initiatives, implementing an effective communications strategy is a must.

It is the purpose of this MWB “Not-Too-White Paper” to provide a resource for public health professionals in terms of best practices for the communications components of your programs. Click the image below to view and download a high resolution version.


Click here to view/download a screen optimized version of “Public Health Communications Strategies: An MWB Not-Too-White Paper.”