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Mississippi Out-of-Market Leisure Tourism Proposal


If you are reading this, you have thumbed through a copy of our proposal of a Mississippi Tourism campaign recently submitted. A few of the references in proposal were specific to video assets, so we thought it would be useful to collect them all here to review. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

Visit Jackson: My City original song and music video

We commissioned an original song and produced a subsequent music video on behalf of Visit Jackson. We wanted a product that showed off the creativity and vibrance of the city, while at the same time not being overly sales-y. The song and video needed to be more a reflect of pop culture than an overtly promotional video.

“My City” has turned into quite a sensation. In fact, we just learned that the project is a 2017 finalist in the London-based City/Nation/Place awards.¬†Click the link and check out all the other premium international cities and places with which our Jackson, Mississippi is keeping company. (Spoiler alert: Toronto, Luxembourg, and Costa Rica are among them.)

Wander Mississippi Concept, explained.

In our proposal, we talk about an overarching concept we labeled “Wander Mississippi.” It was largely the brain child of MWB VP/Creative Director Randy Lynn. Here he explains the inspiration for and thinking behind the concept.

Visit Mississippi Videos


In the short time we have been working with Visit Mississippi, we have produced numerous marketable assets. Chief among these are a series of themed “hype videos” designed to feature some of Mississippi’s best amenities, attractions, and attributes in rapid fire succession.




Mississippi Minute, explained.

In our proposal, one of the flagship promotions was “Mississippi Minute” with Steve Azar. Here Tim Mask and Marc Leffler discuss the thinking behind, and passion for, the concept.

People LOVE Recipe Videos


Another product for Visit Mississippi, these short but entertaining clips follow contemporary trend cooking videos while concurrently promoting some of Mississippi’s most unique culinary destinations.


Angie is excited, explained.

No spoiler alert here. You’ll have to watch this video of MWB VP/Media Director Angie Brewer to find out why she’s so pumped.