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MWB’s “Wanderers Welcome” campaign for Visit Mississippi received a top honor at the U.S. Travel Association’s 2023 ESTO (Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations) Awards. The state won the Mercury Award for Broadcast Advertising: Television & Smart TV.

“We are thrilled to share that the Wanderers Welcome broadcast campaign, spearheaded by Visit Mississippi, has been recognized as one of the nation’s best tourism campaigns by the U.S. Travel Association,” announced Tim Mask, President/CEO of MWB. This recognition highlights the innovative and captivating nature of the campaign, which aims to showcase Mississippi’s diverse attractions and inspire travelers to explore the state’s hidden gems. We are extremely grateful to Visit Mississippi for their invaluable partnership and continuous support in bringing this remarkable campaign to life.”

MDA Deputy Executive Director Laura Hipp said of the recognition, “The work by MWB has creatively shown the world the authentic experiences travelers can have in Mississippi. This campaign successfully helped increase spending by visitors and showcased our unique communities.”

Creative inspiration came to MWB by recognizing that the best way to travel in Mississippi is by wandering from one destination to another and experiencing firsthand the state’s interwoven story. This story touches on the impact of civil rights, outdoor adventure, arts and culture, music, food, and gaming on the state. To win, Visit Mississippi competed against nearly 70 entries that were judged by a panel of 19 destination marketing experts.

The ESTO Awards, held in Savannah, Georgia, took place Aug. 19-22 and hold the premier awards for tourism offices and travel destinations across the country annually. The ESTO Awards cover two programs: the Mercury Awards and the Destiny Awards. The Mercury Awards recognize members of the U.S. Travel Association for excellence and creative accomplishment in their marketing and promotional efforts at the state and territory levels. The Destiny Awards bring recognition to members of the U.S. Travel Association for excellence and creative accomplishment at the local and regional levels for destination marketing and promotion.

View the campaign below: