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#CreateForGood has been our company’s mantra, even before these uncertain times. It’s a nifty piece of positioning, sure, but doesn’t amount to much unless there is a commitment to follow through. So what should today’s commitment be? It’s pretty simple – listen to the advice of medical professionals and stay isolated. Continue to wash your hands. Try to be mindful about touching your face. If you must get out, stay 6-10 feet away from anybody. These are the easy things we can do for ourselves, but to really create for good requires a little more effort.

There are so many people that are struggling today. Struggling with the virus. Dealing with a friend or family member that has the virus. Wondering if they still have a job. Hoping they don’t have to close the doors on what was once a thriving small business. This is where the extra effort comes into play. You can still help those who are struggling. A phone call can go a long way. Set up a zoom chat so they can have some real conversation, and just be a friend to someone who needs it. Our small businesses are doing everything just to keep their doors open. It’s still ok to order food from them. It’s still ok to order something online and have it delivered. It’s ok to tip a little extra if you are able. You can create for good simply by helping someone else.

We strive to create positive, impactful, and sustainable change. The creative people at MWB come from a variety of backgrounds with diverse beliefs, opinions and interests. But we are united in our belief that great work can accomplish great things. A united front is going to be crucial in rebuilding our economy and everyday lives in general. This is no time for mud slinging. We aren’t saying you to stop believing in your ideals. We aren’t telling you what you should think, or what you should support. We are simply asking everybody to unite as one. Someone once said, “you don’t have to agree with someone to work with them.” That is so true, and that’s the way we will rebound from this crisis.

At MWB, we like to say that we put our talent where our mouth is – holding a singular objective of making places better, with brighter, and more vibrant futures. We recently created an initiative called Good Food In Gratitude. The premise was simple – we purchased meals for medical professionals who are putting their own health at risk everyday. Not only did it provide a meal for someone that deserved it, but it also placed an order from several of our capital city’s amazing restaurants. It was a very small gesture, but many small gestures can sometimes turn into a large gesture.

Creating For Good can have many definitions. We live by it with hope that our efforts will make things better. But the greatest effort today is for everybody to get on the same page. Find a way to create something for good and make today better than yesterday. Help your friends and family, but do it responsibly. Help a stranger – this will mean more to them than you can ever imagine. The next several months are going to put our mantra “Create For Good” to the test, not just for us – for EVERYBODY. We can, and will do this. Together.