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The city with soul.
 For years now, Jackson, Mississippi has worn that moniker proudly. “Soul” means different things to different people. It speaks to a city’s culture, creativity, and hospitality. It encompasses history – both good and bad – and embraces a radically hopeful optimism for the future.

Our optimism is needed now, more than ever.

It is also in the city with soul’s DNA that we all step up help and comfort one another in uncertain times. Many, many people are scared. Many, many people are hurting.

There is no inherent equity in this pain. Some are feeling it much, much more than others. Hourly workers in Jackson’s hospitality and restaurant scene are certainly feeling it. Their lifestyles and livelihoods are tied to the ability of others to move about freely and socialize. Hourly workers in healthcare services are also carrying a heavy burden of a different sort. They are, unfortunately but necessarily, severely overworked and highly stressed.

It is a small thing, but we are starting Good Food with Gratitude, and we hope you’re able to pitch in and help. For a week, each staff member of MWB is picking a hourly worker in the healthcare industry, and we’re treating that person to their favorite takeout lunch from a Jackson restaurant. We’re also leaving them with a gift certificate to another Jackson eatery, and asking that person to “pass it on” to someone else who’s day could use a little brightening.

We invite other businesses and organizations to do the same. Identify hourly workers in the hospitality, healthcare, retail or other industry severely effected by this pandemic, and treat them to a lunch from a local restaurant. Buy lunch for their office. Give a giftcard. Whatever your own spin is, a small gesture like Good Food with Gratitude just might make a few people’s day a little bit better, a little bit brighter. Good for the soul.

#GoodFoodWithGratitude #CreateForGood