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Close to 90% of consumers today will perform online research before they make a purchase. This goes for both products or services. This reason alone should tell you the importance of a quality website.

Your website is the backbone of your business. It’s the landing spot for all of your marketing efforts. It’s your chance to create a positive first impression for potential consumers or clients. It’s where sales and partnerships are made. It should be something that is updated day in day out. It’s a place that should be on the forefront of every company’s efforts. For whatever reason, this is not always the case.

Here are just a few reasons your website needs to stand out:

  • It’s a landing spot for all of your digital efforts. Nobody is going to watch a 5 minute video on Facebook. They will on your website though. 
  • It’s a place where consumers and clients turn research into action. A consumer might see a commercial for your product or service. You can’t purchase anything from commercials. You can from your website.
  • Quality content has a long life span. Quality evergreen content can live on your website and remain relevant for months or even years. 
  • Quality website content is very shareable. People share content that is informative, controversial, educational, funny and engaging. Make sure your content falls into one or more of these categories.
  • Only the strong will survive. There is so much competition out there, a quality website is the first step in standing out amongst the crowd.
  • Nearly every aspect of your website contributes to your SEO ranking. You aren’t going to get much action if your website is buried on page 4 of a Google search.

Quality over quantity should be a no-brainer. A quality website should be clean, easy to navigate, functional, branded and provides motivation for a client or consumer to do business with you. Everybody has visited a poorly constructed website. What does that say about your company? Did you make a purchase, or did you continue your research elsewhere? 

A website is never done. It’s an ongoing process that should feature a good experience this visit, and a great experience the next visit. Your website is a powerful tool. Treat it that way. Make sure it is quality from the start, then use it and take great care of it.