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Who are influencers and what is influencer marketing? Influencers consist of people or groups of people considered to be an expert in a specific field. Influencers do exactly what the name suggests – they influence other people. They are seen as a knowledgable source and typically can sway their followers to purchase a product or travel to a specific location. Large scale influencer marketing is when companies us celebrity endorsers. Celebrities are definitely influencers, but consumers know that they are being paid to endorse their products. The main goal of influencer marketing is authenticity.

Word of mouth is still very powerful. By applying a successful influencer marketing campaign, you aren’t telling people what they need – you are simply allowing someone to show off the the usefulness or attractiveness of a product in a real world setting. Consumers can relate better when they think they are seeing something organically. They like thinking that they found something on their own, as opposed to seeing an advertisement for it. 

Influencer marketing isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s getting more attention these days, but influencers have been around forever. Just think about any time in your life when you have been influenced by someone. It could have been a friend recommending a new wine or spirit they loved. Maybe it was a new pizza place down the street that your buddy said was fantastic. Influencer marketing uses the same premise, it just occurs more in the public eye.

Most companies see the need in having a strong social media presence. Influencer marketing is some of the best social content today. Partnering with strong influencers can do a lot of your social media heavy lifting for you. Let them get the conversation started. All you have to do is jump in and start interacting with real consumers.

So does influencer marketing work? Absolutely!! It’s all about partnering with the right people. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity. Micro influencers are real people who have leveraged social media to grow large followings of people who want to see what they are doing, or what products they are using. Should you implement influencer marketing. Absolutely!! It’s cost effective, efficient and the bottom line is -IT WORKS.