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Creativity is the process of turning visionary and imaginative ideas into reality. It involves two processes: thinking , then taking that thought and producing something tangible. Many people confuse imagination with creativity. Imagination is necessary for creativity, but it does not work the other way around. Imagination always comes first. There are imaginative people that aren’t necessarily creative because they don’t have the ability to complete the process of turning an idea into reality. Think of it this way – most parents want to think their children are creative. The truth is children are just good at using their imaginations. 

So why is creativity so important to for businesses to succeed? It’s pretty simple – companies operate in a highly competitive environment. Creativity is the driving force behind new ideas. It helps you stay one step ahead. It challenges employees and helps turn them into creative thinkers. Creative thinking helps promote problem solving. Employees with strong problem solving skills are generally more productive. A productive work force leads to a successful business.

Creative ideas can come from anywhere within a business.  Companies that listen to creative ideas, wherever they may come from, are the ones that usually succeed. So many companies unknowingly place “limits” on their employees. Truly incorporating a no limit workplace means you should give every employee the opportunity to think about new ideas. Now this doesn’t mean employees can just disregard their primary responsibilities to think of new ways for the company to succeed – but it does mean that new creative ideas should be heard. Listening to your employees boosts morale. A company with high employee morale is a company with a highly productive and healthy work environment.

Listening to your employees is the first step.  Acknowledging them is sometimes the hard part. A simple acknowledgement for a great idea can go a long way. It’s also a way to identify someone who could possibly grow into a new role that would be more beneficial for your company. 

Employees are the life blood of any business. The sooner you allow them think outside-the-box and give them some creative freedom, the sooner the phrase “the possibilities are endless” becomes a realistic statement.