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Podcasting and Beyond

MWB has acquired studio space and officially launched podcasting services under its MWB Studios division. The studio, located in the “Innovation District” in downtown Jackson, Mississippi was formerly the location of Podastery, one of the first podcast production services founded in the city. Podastery ownership recently moved the company to Houston, Texas.

“We were already very interested in offering podcasting services,” said Tim Mask, president of MWB. “So it was perfect timing. We were able to take over the space formerly occupied by Podastery and expand MWB’s creative production offerings.”

MWB plans on utilizing the space for podcast production for clients, as well as for producing original content podcast series. The first of these original podcasts is the “MWB Creative Fire Podcast,” currently available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. MWB Studios has also produced the inaugural season of the “Genuine MS” podcast on behalf of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. Several other partner client podcasts are being produced for release later in 2019 and 2020.

“We have a slate of original content podcasts that we’re planning to produce and distribute over the next several months,” said Mask. “We’re looking to produce shows in the genres of history, true crime, and featured social impact and innovation-oriented stories.”

MWB also plans to offer in-studio video production at MWB Studios.

To learn more about MWB Studios and podcasting, contact MWB.


MWB Creative Fire Podcast

Genuine Mississippi Podcast


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