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Weather emergencies can happen anywhere: severe thunderstorms, flash flooding, tornados, fallen trees, blocked roads, (we could go on). The important thing is to be prepared. Take this checklist and do an inventory of your car. What can you do up your safety today? This week?

So, Friends, let’s start with our vehicles.
See if you can complete this list by the time the weekend rolls around!

Here are the top five things that you can do to be “weather-ready” no matter what the weather brings!

1. Cell phone, fully charged.
Make it a habit to keep your phone charged, or to plug it in every time you get in your car, no matter how short the trip. If you have a tendency to let your phone run too far down, consider keeping a solar power bank on your dash.

2. First-aid kit
Just the basic first-aid kit will work. Then add specifics for your family (we have Benedryl, peppermints, ginger chews, tums, cough drops, and extra children’s pain medicine in ours). To this, add a blanket and an umbrella.

3. Roadside Assistance app
For a small monthly fee, you can add this service to your insurance. It will dispatch help in the event of a break down, flat tire, or even if you accidentally run out of gas. The first question they will ask is, “Are you safe?”

4. Car Tools
Things that may not be in your glove box or trunk, but should be: tire gauge, reflective warning triangles, flashlight, plastic poncho, swiss army knife of other multi-use tool, jumper cables, gloves, duct tape, foam tire sealant, a seatbelt cutter (in the armrest so you can reach it) and a couple of old rags (dishtowels will work).

5. Food and Snacks
Keep at least one gallon of water in your trunk for both you, your passengers, and your car (Hello, radiator!). Also, protein or granola bars keep a very long time in your glove box.



MWB is an official Weather Ready Nation Ambassador! We “create for good” by helping Mississippi be “weather ready” at home, in your car, or on the road.