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“There’s nothing to do around here.” It’s a common complaint you might hear from entertainment-seeking young adults¬†almost anywhere in the country.

We decided to take that idea head-on to showcase our city, Jackson, Mississippi, to Mississippi millennials. The video, “My City,” features an original song by Jackson singer-songwriter AJC and his band, The Envelope Pushers, and a four-and-a-half minute exploration of the culture, diversity, and fun experiences to be had in Mississippi’s capitol city.

The video was a true labor of love, taking us on our own tour of The City with Soul’s many hot spots, including much-loved businesses, neighborhoods, events and people. There are 244 different shots in the video ‚Ä쬆you just might have to pause the video so you don’t miss anything!


Art Direction: Keith Fraser
Production Company: Spot On Productions
Music: AJC and the Envelope Pushers

Client: Visit Jackson


Behind the Scenes Video