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Sophie & Paul

On this MWB Spark-O-Creativity:

When Paul Wolf started Find It In Fondren six years ago, he was “a lone wolf”‚Äîreferring to the fact that he had yet to meet Sophie, the smart, savvy editor who would become his partner at FIIF, and perhaps more importantly (at least outside the scope of this story), his wife.

Paul decided to launch the magazine in 2010 because of the incredible potential he saw in the funky Jackson neighborhood called Fondren: “I was meeting people and they had great ideas and great things going on. And I wanted to tell those stories.”

For this MWB Spark-O-Creativity, you’ll get to hear Paul and Sophie’s tale of how Find It In Fondren came to be. You’ll also get the dynamic duo’s unique perspective on what makes Fondren the “heartbeat of the city.” Plus, you’ll learn whether there’s actually anything you can’t find in Fondren.


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