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FondrenGuitarWe have got a jam-packed episode of Spark-O-Creativity‚Äî-the stories behind the ideas that spark creative change. For this one, we talk to Patrick Harkins, the tuneful entrepreneur behind Fondren Guitars. Patrick recently expanded FG’s School of Music (which I Jack Blackish-ly refer to numerous times in the podcast as the School of Rock. (In my defense, the place literally vibrates with the rumble of rock sounds). And, there’s now a venue for students to perform live, on stage as they hone their chops. It’s called Fondren Underground.

Lesson 1: Revamp Music Lessons: First up, Patrick tells what inspired him to take traditional music lessons and turn them on their ear. Then we hear from student band members Candice, Sam, Logan and musician/teacher Mark King– sharing the story of how, by putting together a group, they’ve not only ignited the spark of creativity, they’ve formed some incredible friendships.

We end with a grand Prince tribute–Purple Rain, played live at Fondren Underground by young-but-longtime fans of “The Great One.” As singer/guitarist Candice said, “He was so original.”