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We have launched another MWB Podcast – Spark-o-Creativity – hosted by MWB Creative Savant Marc Leffler (that’s me). The new podcast joins MWB Creative Fire as another in the agency’s line of content focused on the mission of #Create4Good. Specifically, Spark-O-Creativity revolves around an endeavor to increase digital and creative literacy among young people in Mississippi – particularly those in under-served communities (more on this at a later date).

The inaugral MWB Spark-O-Creativity podcast features Jackson area youth music group Tribe 3. Ish Gray and his friends – who¬†are Tribe 3 – are high school juniors who mix beats and create hip-hop with their laptops. (they’re self-taught, btw.) Find out how this free-form digital music-making has become their “second voice.”