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Like I’m sure so many Americans have done by now, this weekend witnessed the final usage of one of the Christmas gift cards I received. Ok actually it was an Amazon gift card I received as a thank-you from FNC for being the kickoff speaker for their Forge hackathon event in December. So with purchases complete, we had $1.05 remaining on the card. I wondered what could make a good donation for $1.05? Nothing. But how many gift cards are floating around out there unused with just a c0uple of bucks left on them? Why not bundle them together and put toward something that does good – say the Fast Forward Mississippi project, Kids Code Mississippi?

That is precisely what we’re launching. The <cards4code> project. Send your gift cards with their unused portions to Kids Code Mississippi and we will use to purchase hardware/software for underserved Mississippi students participating in extracurricular computer science/coding education activities. Any gift cards from retailers who carry electronics or computer software are acceptable. We’ll keep you updated as to what the project is able to purchase.

Gift cards may be sent to:

Fast Forward Mississippi – Kids Code Mississippi Project
18 Northtown Drive
Jackson, MS 39211

And thanks to FNC for being the unknowing but initial contributor to <cards4code>!

Learn more about the Fast Forward Mississippi initiative.

Learn more about Kids Code Mississippi.