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MWB has been involved with efforts to help stop the brain drain that Mississippi is experiencing and to focus on digital literacy and the high level skills that will help us to maintain a thriving knowledge-based workforce in the 21st century. Our support isn’t totally altruistic, although the cause believe does benefit all.

We are an agency headquartered in Mississippi. Most of our business comes from other Mississippi businesses or organizations. So goes the fate of our state, the climate of our creativity, and the depth of our innovation, so goes our company. If Mississippi becomes a major player in the knowledge economy, so do we.

The Mississippi House of Representatives is currently considering a bill (HB 1601) which would provide a state personal income tax holiday for five years to recent graduates of Mississippi colleges or universities who take a qualifying job in-state. The purpose of the bill is to stop us from losing our intellectual capital. The goal of the overall movement is to build a viable knowledge workforce. One that will help us be a leader in a full blown global knowledge economy.

Read how this bill is projected to impact our economy here.

As part of Mississippi’s creative economy, strong advocates of our culture of innovation, and full participants in our future’s vested interests, we strongly encourage other Mississippi businesses and business leaders to take a look at this piece of potential game-changing legislation.