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Tate Nations headshot

Tate is one of those people who disproves the old adage that a jack of all trades must be a master of none. He joined MWB in 2003 as a senior interactive developer with a background in graphic design. But, over the years, Tate has been increasingly in demand for his photography, videography and motion graphics skills. See a few of his shots below:

Shortly after he posted it, Tate’s Color Me Rad photo made it to the Explore tab of Flickr. As of today, the shot has been clicked more than 40,000 times. Amazing picture, isn’t it?

Tate¬†is a co-founder¬†of SkateMS,¬†an avid skateboarder, baseball fan¬†and¬†family man (who has been known to do a couple of spot-on “Family Guy” voice impressions).¬†He¬†has¬†an A1 attitude and does whatever is needed¬†to make every project great.

You can¬†see more of¬†Tate Nation’s photography on Flickr. And be sure to give him a shout-out in the comments.