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A few years ago, a study was commissioned to explore the existing and potential economic impact of the “Creative Economy” in Mississippi. The study uncovered that over 60,000 jobs in Mississippi, and millions of dollars in tourism revenue, are directly related to “creative” industry jobs. This set Mississippi along a path of thinking about the impact of “creativity” and the creative economy differently compared to years past. We have realized that in addition to being a valuable cultural aspect, creativity is actually an economic driver.

Our investment in the creative economy has evolved to the point that Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has declared 2014 to be the Year of the Creative Economy. As a company that operates as part of the creative environment, we are excited about the events and celebrations planned throughout the year. We would also like to add that creativity isn’t just limited to organizations tied to the arts. A creative atmosphere is conducive to innovative problem solving, entrepreneurship, and technological advancement.

Market Alley in Cleveland, Mississippi. One of numerous community-related aspects of Mississippi's Creative Economy.

Market Alley in Cleveland, Mississippi. One of numerous community-related aspects of Mississippi’s Creative Economy.

Silicon Valley wouldn’t have grown into the world’s innovation incubator had creativity not existed alongside technical know-how. Pittsburgh couldn’t have shed its rust-belt shackles to become of hub of advanced manufacturing and bioscience were it not for visionary creative leadership. As much is true for the robust economy of Texas, mixing rich creative culture with industry to produce an excellent environment for quality of life.


Jackson, Mississippi has been identified as one of the best cities in America for new artists.

So it is that so much creativity exists within businesses and organizations in Mississippi. Our entrepreneurial environment has been ranked among the best in the nation. Our health care sector continues to produce world-changing results. Innovative energy projects have vaulted our state to the forefront of a revitalized energy sector. And as Governor Bryant has mentioned before, man might walk on Mars, but he’ll have to go through Mississippi to do it. Our state is a leader in aerospace component development and production with one of the most robust clusters in the industry today.

As the Year of the Creative Economy is upon us, it is time that we stop apologizing for where we are from and what we have to offer. We are no longer a backwater. The days for playing catchup are over. The time for us to lead is now. All Mississippians should be proud of our contributions to creativity and what lies ahead. Hold your heads high. Learn about our creative achievements, the impact that creativity and innovation has for our economy and the nation as a whole. Mississippi is a creative place, and that creativity will drive us into being a leader in the 21st century economy.

Show your pride. Join the celebration of our Creative Economy #YoCE:

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Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant announces 2014 will be the Year of the Creative Economy in Mississippi.

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