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We’ve been on a kick lately for advocating teaching coding in Mississippi elementary schools. So much so that we partnered with a few other innovative Mississippi companies and helped implement a Saturday Hackathon. As a company vested in the continued economic development and expansion of knowledge-based ventures, we believe that exposing kids to coding in 2013 is tantamount to teaching the basics of industrial mechanics in 1913. A working knowledge of coding is likely to become a valuable part of the resume, regardless if the direct job acquires coding or not.

There’s no better way to back this up than to see what an important part coding and development is right now in our growing economy. Oxford-based FNC, Inc. was the first company to develop an IT solution in the mortgage origination market. Since their founding, the company’s growth has skyrocketed. FNC has been on the list of fastest growing private companies multiple times. The company put together a video of staff members discussing some the the innovative projects that they’re working on. Watch and get a better understanding of how incorporating coding into education would be beneficial.