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TheForgeFNCMWB is one of the supporters of Innovation Month in Mississippi. November was so declared by Governor Phil Bryant in order to highlight the myriad of innovative people, companies, and organizations that are driving Mississippi’s economy to the top. A great example of this comes courtesy of Oxford, Mississippi-based FNC, Inc. It’s called The Forge.

FNC is a software technology company the builds systems giving mortgage lenders and servicers access to the most current residential real estate information available. The company is a national leader in the space, has grown rapidly in the past decade, and is a real success story. What’s more, FNC continues to drive innovation from within with special initiatives like The Forge.

The initiative is open to all FNC employees, and consists of a 23-straight-hour, junk-food infused, caffeine-fueled development fest. During the event, FNC staff focus on developing, creating, and innovating company products and processes which will positively impact FNC customers. And yes, there are prizes and awards.

As we move farther into a knowledge-based economy, companies will find it necessary to make creative investments in internal innovation. It is great to see a Mississippi company leading by example. Way to go, and best of luck with The Forge.

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