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MS Creative

Thursday, July 25 2013, 7pm ‚Äì 8pm CST. The inaugural Twitter forum sponsored by Mississippi’s Creative Economy will be held 7/25 at 7PM and feature visionary technology executive Bruce Deer as the special guest experts. Topics will focus on Mississippi’s role as a leader in emerging technologies, and how a culture of innovation is helping Mississippi leap forward in the new knowledge economy. Follow @MsCreativeEcon and use #msCreative to track the conversation and contribute. Please contact me if you would like further details.

Mississippi’s Creative Economy is a forum for sharing information about, and promoting Mississippi’s role as a leader in technology, creativity, and innovation within the context of driving economic development. The forum is a service of Maris, West & Baker.

Bruce Deer is a visionary and progressive executive for companies with national and international operations with a focus on emerging business opportunities. Bruce has extensive experience in strategic planning, business development, product development, technical operations, engineering, software and systems development, management consulting, and development of consumer products and services. Bruce as served as as Chief Executive Officer/President for a number of prominent Mississippi technology and communications firms, including Spread Networks, Neopolis Technologies, Origin Technologies, and SkyTel.