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Courtesy of the¬†Fast Company¬†magazine digital properties comes this funny and strikingly realistic portrayal of the “creative process.” I¬†wrote a post a while back discussing that, contrary to the popular image of the “contemplative genius,” most moments of inspiration are born as a product of a chaotic environment and a scattered process. I found this infographic this morning and couldn’t help but to post and comment on it.


In all seriousness, it is a funny thing how the mind works. I’ve always found it fascinating that we are, as far as we know, the only creature with the mental capacity to consider itself. We spend untold amounts of time and money to learn how our brains work. Think about that for a moment – brains trying to learn how brains work. Its like a weird, twisted kind of intellectual cannibalism.

From a marketing perspective, the way we think influences actual consumer behavior. The color red tends to make people hungry. The tempo of background music can make a consumer experience speed up, or slow down. Simple putting “limit however many per customer” on a sale item causes consumers to buy more at once than they normally would have. $19.95 sounds way better than $20.00. You know, these tricks. All these tricks developed by one set of brains to influence another set of brains. When you think about it, it really is amazing, astounding, incredible. One might even call it “mind blowing.”