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The leadership, managers and support staff who work at your practice are, in fact, the real face of your brand, and they can make or break the image you’re trying to portray.

Your brand, the image you convey to patients and out in the marketplace, is a key component of your physician marketing program. Essentially, you want people to like the image you put out there for everyone to see. But it’s just as vital that you keep your internal audience‚Äîthe staff who make up your practice‚Äîinvolved, engaged and excited about your branding efforts, too.

As employee communications website SnapComms points out in the insightful article, internal Branding: Delivering Solutions Through Employees,

“Employees need to understand and embrace external brand values to be consistent with customers. So you must combine the messages that communicate and reinforce both the external and internal brands.”

Yes, that’s right‚Äîyour brand is basically in the hands of your people, so you want to be sure and get everybody on board in regard to what your brand is about and how to best carry it through to the patients you serve.

The SnapComms article goes on to provide five important factors for successful internal brand by-in, which are expanded upon here:

  1. Involve employees in creating internal brand values
  2. Use visual tools to make internal brand communications inspirational
  3. Engage all areas of the business in internal brand communication
  4. Recognize behavior that supports the internal brand
  5. Track trends and continue to communicate the internal brand

Click on the following link to read the entire SnapComms article, “6 Tips for Internal Brand Communication.”