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If you’re like most people, you’re finding yourself spending a lot more time using online media. The average American now spends about two and a half hours each day on the Internet, second only to television use. Not surprisingly, many marketers have adjusted their ad dollars accordingly. Online advertising spending in the U.S. is reaching nearly $30 billion per year. And it’s not just national advertisers. Currently, local advertising are putting about 16% of their advertising budgets online.

While Internet advertising is not exactly ‚Äúnew media,‚Äù as it once was called, the number of options can be overwhelming for many marketers. Which options make the most sense ‚Ä쬆banner ads on websites, Facebook ads, search engine ads, mobile ads, email blasts? And what’s with the alphabet soup of metrics ‚Ä쬆ppc, cpc, ctr, cpm, etc.? And who really clicks those online ads anyway?

If you’re tired of dabbling in Internet advertising and not getting the results you need, talk to us. We’ll take a look at the big picture to determine, first if Internet marketing is the right path for you ‚Ä쬆and, if so, how much of your budget should be devoted to it. We’ll develop a media plan that distributes your messaging to the appropriate people using the right online platforms and media. Next, we’ll advise you on the appropriate metrics for measurement and set goals for the campaign. Once the appropriate messages have been decided, our creative teams will develop ads that are designed to get noticed and get action.