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March 22nd, 2012

What a $19 Logo Doesn’t Buy You

There are lots of companies offering logo design services. Some have the talent and creativity to deliver the goods. Others are known for churning out low-cost logos. There are even websites that will sell you a logo for just $19.

Buyer beware if you decide to go the cheap route. Because, while a cheap logo may seem like a great buy initially, such designs usually come at a cost when you look at the big picture. You sacrifice uniqueness. You don’t benefit from the experience a qualified designer brings to the table. And, often, you end up having to redo the logo once you’ve outgrown it.

Keep in mind, your logo is the most fundamental part of your brand identity next to the name of your company. Your logo will likely be on every bit of business communication you do. Items like signage, advertisements, websites, press releases, and so on – for years and years. That’s why it’s so important to get a logo that fits your company.

At MWB, we have the design skills it takes to create a visually pleasing logo. But we have the broader experience needed to think beyond the design, itself.

We understand that a logo is more than just a combination of words, pictures, colors and type. It’s the visual “distillation” of your brand identity. And, as such, it should provide some insight into your company’s brand positioning and personality. A logo should reflect your brand’s aspirations. It should grow with you.

All too often, logos aren’t given the priority they deserve. But it pays to invest in a good logo, rather than regret your choice years down the road when a brand redesign will be costly and disruptive to your current marketing program.

We don’t take logo design lightly because we see the importance. Our designers put in the time it takes to keep up with current visual styles and techniques. (The goal here is not to follow trends, but rather to ensure designs are unique and not in danger of becoming quickly outdated.) We test our logos for various applications (letterhead, signage, print ads, and so on) to make sure they work correctly. And, of course, we give a lot of thought to the intangibles: Is the logo an accurate reflection of your brand values? Is it communicating the right ideas? Does the logo’s style match the brand or is there a disconnect? Is it distinctive?

Think of your logo as the foundation of your marketing. If you get the logo right, it’s a whole lot easier to build up the rest of your marketing campaign.

February 21st, 2012

Maris, West & Baker Wins at Jackson Addys

Maris, West & Baker had a strong showing at the American Advertising Federation of Jackson’s 2012 Addy Awards. We won 6 gold Addys, honoring work for the Mississippi State Department of Health, Cadence Bank and the Mississippi Children’s Museum. The agency also received 20 silver Addys.

MWB won two of the evening’s best of show awards. The first was Best of Show – Public Service for the agency’s flu prevention campaign for the Mississippi State Department of Health. The second was the Graphic Designer of the Year award, presented to Keith Fraser for his work on the Shack Up Inn poster campaign.