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May 5th, 2015
Dev 4 Mississippi in Terry Mississippi


Our agency is the founding entity of the Fast Forward Mississippi initiative, which is dedicated to reversing the loss of Mississippi's intellectual capital (brain-drain), and helping to develop a knowledge-based workforce for the 21st century. One of the signature projects of initiative is Kids Code Mississippi. As you can probably guess, Kids Code MS focuses on digital literacy awareness and promoting digital skills (coding) among Mississippi...

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April 21st, 2015
MWB Beer 30 is always about great beer

80/20, Pecha Kucha, Play-Doh, and purple hair.

At the risk of the MWB Blog looking increasingly like a tavern, I feel compelled to write a postmortem on our latest #MWBeer30 event. Jon Fisher, Donnie Brimm, and Bethany Cooper from Oxford-based FNC gave a great talk reviewing many of the practices and protocols their company has put in place designed to stir innovation and creativity. I think attendees of this event (4/17) will agree...

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April 14th, 2015
MWB Beer 30 and innovators FNC

MWBeer30 with FNC

We have a great #MWBeer30 lined up for April. The good folks from FNC in Oxford are stopping by the MWB World Headquarters to give a talk about innovation drivers they have incorporated into their company. If you're interested in the 80/20 model, intern innovation, hackathons, or various other creative strategies for building a corporate culture of innovation, please join us 4/17 at 3:30-ish. Oh, and...

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February 23rd, 2015
Fast Forward Mississippi logo

Foundation for Building the Knowledge Economy

MWB has been involved with efforts to help stop the brain drain that Mississippi is experiencing and to focus on digital literacy and the high level skills that will help us to maintain a thriving knowledge-based workforce in the 21st century. Our support isn't totally altruistic, although the cause believe does benefit all. We are an agency headquartered in Mississippi. Most of our business comes from...

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February 17th, 2015
MWB Beer 30 at Maris West and Baker

The healthcare economy in Mississippi: MWB Craft Beer Friday 2/27

UPDATE 2/25/15:  Unfortunately craft beer legal expert Matthew McLaughlin has a conflict and will have to make a speaking appearance at MWBeer30 later this year. However, Butler Snow counsel and former gubernatorial policy advisor Tray Hairston will be on-hand to give a brief talk about the exciting things happening in healthcare in Mississippi, and the concept of healthcare as an economic driver.  Join us at 3:30-ish,...

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February 10th, 2015
Reject all tobacco's Terrance the Rat logo

Happy birthday, T-Man.

  Monday, February 9th was a special day in Mississippi. Terrance the Rat, spokesrat of the Reject All Tobacco! campaign, celebrated his 16th birthday. Well, 16 in people years, anyway. Now that Terrance is old enough to drive, I think it's about time we honored this Mississippi icon by a never before seen "Behind the Fur" article. An entire generation of Mississippi kids have grown up...

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January 20th, 2015
MWB's own Tim Mask hosts a weekly podcast

MWB Podcast – Creative pharmacists, public health next-practices, and creative co-working

In this week's episode of the MWB Podcast, host Tim Mask talks with Jamie Mitchell, PharmD, of Creative Pharmacist about the pivotal role pharmacists can play in 21st century healthcare. Of particular focus are the topics of tobacco cessation, diabetes education, and preventative care. Tim also talks creative collaboration and co-working in regard to The Hive, in the "Coolest Thing I've Seen" segment.   For further...

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January 14th, 2015
Fight for the user with MWB web design

A major aspect of effective UX is being “responsive” (and that word doesn’t mean what you think it means)

One of the biggest buzz terms today is "user experience." Truth is since the dawn of commerce those who have been successful have more often than not placed an eye toward user experience. Today the term has evolved to be more inclusive of branding and marketing - truly every touch point in which a user "experiences" your brand. In the age of nifty square icons with...

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January 8th, 2015
MWB guest CEO Gary Butler and the Internet of Things

Spotlight Mississippi’s Knowledge Economy: Vote in #IoT CEO of the Year Awards

Chairman and CEO of Starkville-based Camgian Microsystems  is up for CEO of the Year honors from the industry sponsored Internet-of-Things Awards (#IoT). Dr. Butler is the only Mississippian on a list that includes GE CEO Jeff Immelt. This is a great opportunity to showcase the leading-edge type developments that part of Mississippi's growing Knowledge Economy. As a creative company dependent on a vibrant culture of innovation,...

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January 7th, 2015
Creative home of MWB accountant and CFO Mike Booth

MWB Podcast: How Renaissance architecture in Assisi, Italy inspired creativity in rural Mississippi

In this edition of the MWB Podcast, Tim talks with MWB CFO Mike Booth. After a trip to the village of Assisi, Italy, Mike was inspired to build his own architectural show place in rural Mississippi. And we mean literally build it himself.... down to planning his own 2x4s from trees on his own land! We've often said that creativity permeates every person and function at...

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